Yasuni Sandlewood - One Palm

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The Yasuni collection brings the spirit of Ecuador’s Yasuni National Park’s adventure and raw nature into your home in a classical style. These frames feature white or real canvas mats with 2 rain forest inspired designs. Our frames preserve their contents and keeps them beautiful. Our process preserves the Earth, keeping it beautiful. We pick up tons of polystyrene [aka Styrofoam] from landfills all
over the world, and turn it into the material we use for our frames. Doing good by creating things that look good in your home. So go ahead, and enjoy your Vista.


Yasuni frames feature a classic white mat or genuine canvas mats with distinctive designs.

  • 8x10 frame with mat = 4x6 opening
  • 8x10 frame - SQ mat = 4x4 offset opening
  • 11x14 frame with mat = 5x6 opening
  • 16x20 frame with mat = 8x10 opening
  • 12.5x12.5 frame with mat = 5x5 opening