Monteverde Wood & Blue

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The Monteverde collection named for one of the world’s crown jewel cloud forests. This Costa Rican beauty boasts extreme biodiversity and is home to the most orchid species in one place! Channeling those orchids, colorful skies and lush vistas, we created a two-tone frame that offers a beachy frontal view with an accent of color on the inner and outer edges. The Soft light wood finish captures the feeling of that favorite vacation house, and the smooth lacquer of color gives you a multi-dimensional feel that evokes every feeling from that favorite sherbet to the color of night. Find your tone that matches the mood of your room or the memory that the frame will be the keeper of. 

All frames in the Monteverde collection have a wide mat for a truly distinctive look:

4"x 6"  = 2"x 4" opening

5"x 7"  = 2.5"x 4" opening

8"x 10"= 4"x 6" opening

11"x 14"=5"x 7" opening

16"x 20" =8"x 10" opening

Vista frames are made of recycled expanded polystyrene foam [AKA Styrofoam], reducing the amount that end up in landfills, and increasing the amount of beautiful wall decor!