Kayan Gold Square - Set of 2

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The Kayan collection, inspired by the rain forest that is situated on the border of Malaysia and Indonesia is a minimalist monument. Historically, this forest park has been notoriously difficult to enter, but thankfully due to some efforts of the Heart of Borneo initiative progress is being made. The slimmest of the Vista frame profiles, this frame is truly the epitome of "less is more". Ultra sophisticated and never fighting for attention, the Kayan instantly captures your heart. Available in White, Silver, and our current favorite- Gold. Get them all for all the different places you will go.  

All frames in the Kayan collection have a wide mat for a truly distinctive look:

4"x 6"  = 2"x 4" opening

5"x 7"  = 2.5"x 4" opening

8"x 10"= 4"x 6" opening

11”x 11” = 4”x 4” opening

14”x 14” = 4”x 4” opening

Vista frames are made of recycled expanded polystyrene foam [AKA Styrofoam], reducing the amount that end up in landfills, and increasing the amount of beautiful wall decor!