Daintree White - 8"X 10" - Set of 2

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The Daintree collection takes it name from the largest rainforest on the Australian continent. Home to 90% of the coutry's bat & butterfly population, this gem is a ecological force. A force is how some would describe the combination of this frame profile and finish. As powerful and full-bodied as a Shiraz, this frame is sure to satisfy.- Unapologetically bold. This frame captures the maximalist look that is trending everywhere now. In Soft White, Black, Bronze, and Gold Wash, these can offer that unique wall piece a substantial housing to stand apart from the rest. 

All frames in the Daintree collection have a wide mat for a truly distinctive look:

4"x 6"  = 2"x 4" opening

5"x 7"  = 2.5"x 4" opening

8"x 10"= 4"x 6" opening

Vista frames are made of recycled expanded polystyrene foam [AKA Styrofoam], reducing the amount that end up in landfills, and increasing the amount of beautiful wall decor!