Dealer Inquiries


Vista Frame Co. is pleased to offer wholesale quantities to qualified retailers and distributors.


Socially Conscious. Do you have a desire to buy more responsibly? We bet your customers do too! Vista Frames are made from recycled Styrofoam, allowing less of  the stuff to get into our oceans and landfills. A great story and conversation starter with the next person that walks through your door.


Approachable Pricing. At Vista, we believe that doing something good for yourself and the environment shouldn't cost a premium. By allowing more of the masses to adopt a good for the Earth lifestyle choice, we can actually make a difference. For us, it's not a marketing scheme. It's a chance to do something good - at a great price for everyone. 


No minimums. We understand that retailers don’t always want to buy and stock large quantities, that’s why we don't require minimums.  You can buy just enough of what you need without having to worry about carrying too much inventory in your store. Allows you to take a low-risk chance on something we know will sell well. 


Attractive Merchandising. We know you take pride in how your store looks. It's your expression to the public on why they should buy from you. We' carefully curated our collections to be an eye-catching display that is sure to stop the passer-by and compel them to have a closer look. We are pretty confident that they'll love to hear the story when they do.


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